Rory Black Velvet Mini Dress


Design: Rory Dress has a special design coming out of the C-ya Embroidered Black Velvet clutch. It offers an elegant look with its V-neckline on the back. It also has a design that can be tied in different ways with ribbon. Thanks to its foldable structure, it can be carried with a 38 cm brass chain.
C-ya’s Expertise: C-ya makes a difference by designing one-piece clothing products with wrinkle-free fabrics. Rory exemplifies this expertise.
Fabric: This dress is made of velvet fabric and offers a luxurious wearing experience.

Rory Black Velvet Mini Dress attracts attention with its special design, V-neckline and different tying options. This special dress, which comes in a C-ya Embroidered Black Velvet clutch, is an ideal option for every style.


Medium, Small




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