Don’t Panic Navy Blue White Striped Jumpsuit


Design: This jumpsuit, which came out of the C-ya bag as a stylish surprise, stands out with its elegant navy blue and white striped pattern. It adds elegance to every moment by interpreting the marine style with a modern touch.
Details: Special details on the back of the jumpsuit make it not only comfortable but also stylish.
Color and Pattern: This pattern, created by adding white stripes to the classic navy blue, represents a timeless sense of fashion.
Versatile Use: The perfect choice for any event, day or night.

Care Instructions:

Gentle washing and correct drying methods are recommended to preserve the quality and color vibrancy of the overalls.

Don’t Panic Navy Blue White Striped Jumpsuit is an elegant surprise from the C-ya bag. This marine patterned jumpsuit makes a difference with its back details and offers a stylish look in every environment.


Medium, Small


Navy Blue


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